Tuesday, July 8, 2014


 Framing houses. Kendal

 Kelvin. Chaining the truss.

 Kurtis. watching and helping get dirty.
 Sonya and Kurtis, waiting out the rain.
 Blue berries.!
 Helping eat the blue berries.:)
 Sonya's fish
 Swimming fun.!

 July 4th fire works.

 Sylvia and Kurtis
 Dad & Mom doing office work on a rainy day.
 Games awhile it rains.
 Kurtis and Hannah
 Kurtis helping with dishes.

And lots of phone calls to New York.!!:-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Kendal's Turkey
 Susanna and her special Friend. Tom

 Susanna and Tabitha

Playing on the Job.

 Putting a yard in.

 Nevin and Kendal insulating a attic.

 It started Raining.:)
 Sylvia has been Baby sitting 2 little girls. Hannah
 And Brynn
 Sorry it's been so long in updating.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

To New York and Back

Five of us kids took a random trip to New York, out of the little moment of spare time we found, to surprise our dear cousins up there, and have a bit of a vacation. :) 

Early Friday February 14th (ValentinesDay) we traveled...
 Sheila and Kendal
 Sandra and Susanna
 Susanna and The driver, Nevin.
We arrived later in the afternoon, to a friends place, The Laudon's. They fed us and we visited, then in the evening we went to the gym and met the relatives and other friends and played volleyball. :)

Saturday: Us girls went to a ladies thingy...
Sue and Brenda
 Sharla and Sheila
 Sandy and Tabitha
 Krista :)
 These girls sang for us.
 And we played games and dilly-doddled... :)

 Then in the evening we all went and played Hockey.
 Houston and Tabitha
 Sharla and...(I forget the kids name!) haha

Sunday: We had church at our Uncles place, and spent the whole day there playing games and eating and just having fun. :)

 Oh, and exploring through other peoples phones, to pass a few boring moments, the modern way. :P
 These adorable children!

 Shawn and Heather, will soon be married!
 Playing a game...

And we played Concentration forever, the later it got the less people could concentrate...
Monday: Sandy went in the morning and helped pull orders at Nature's Warehouse..
Tabitha doing what she does at Nature's Warehouse, she takes orders and such.
 Thomas, does the catalog designing and...well, mostly plays. Lol
 Then in the afternoon, we went Skiing, boarding, and tubing.


 Then the Uncle took us out to eat..

Tuesday: We said our Good Byes...

 And traveled the 7 hours home.

Dad's Aunt Dorthy passed away the Friday we left.
 So on Wednesday some of us helped set up tables and chairs for the meal on Thursday after the funeral.
 Sheila got braces.
 Wednesday night: a few of us went bowling with some friends we missed the 5 days we were gone. :)

And a glimpse of the lovely house Dad and the guys built, and are finishing up..
 Mom and Sandy went and cleaned it...

So wallah! There is your update!